Movie Mania: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I bring you one of the 70’s most iconic movies: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, check out my review to find out why you should watch it asap 😉


The Plot:
Newly engaged Brad and Janet are in trouble. Their car broke down, they are in the middle of nowhere and it just started raining.
In search of a telephone they stumble upon a castle. They don’t just find a telephone but the weirdest collection of people they’ve ever seen – including the enchanting Dr. Frank N. Furter…


The Rating:
This is one of my all time favourite movies!
It’s loud, it’s shrill, it’s different from anything you’ve seen before. The number one reason for watching this flick is of course the music. The songs are famous and make for a great playlist even without the movie to accompany them. Especially the Time Warp is one of my go to dance-along tunes.
The story of the film is beyond weird and not everything makes sense, but it certainly is hell of a ride. If you just go with the flow, you will have an amazing time with this one.
I love Susan Sarandon (who plays Janet) in one of her earliest roles. She’s definitely a star shining bright in this production. But of course Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N Furter is film history. He’s 100% cult!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is so much fun to watch! Go ahead, check it out and have hell of a time!


Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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