X-Files Season 11 – A Review

Hey Guys!
The 11th season of the cult-show X-Files ended recently, so it’s time to have a closer look!


The Plot:
I’ll keep it short. The “My Struggle” story arc continues this season with 3 more episodes and we find out a bit more about Scully’s son. Apart from that we have the regular (more or less) standalone episodes dealing with various mysterious cases!


The Rating:
A confession: I only joined the X-Files bandwagon two years ago when the new season came out and still haven’t had time to catch up with the other 9 season and the movie.
However, the last season was pretty great, so I was excited to see it being continued!
First of all: I love the wide range of topics covered in this season. There is an episode dealing with witchcraft or one that critically looks at technical innovation. Not many shows out there would be able to pull off such a diversity without looking weird. But with X-Files it  all works out, you don’t even question it for a second. Of course this is partly due to the amazing performance of both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. They have  a great chemistry and especially Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully is quite intense this season.
Not all of the episodes were perfect and a few were really dragging on, but all in all season 11 has some very interesting moments to offer. To be honest, I liked the standalone episodes more than the bigger story-arc. For those episode had better topics and got more under the skin. But we’ll see how that continues in season 12. Can’t wait for it to come out!

X-Files season 11 has some intense episodes to offer. Despite being far from flawless, it is still a recommendation and leaves me excited for season 12!


Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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