Movie Mania: Despicable Me 3

Hey guys!
It’s movie review time and for today I chose one of the biggest movies of 2017: Despicable me 3. Let’s see what kind of mischief the minions and Gru are up to this time!


The Plot:
I’ll make it short: it turns out that Gru has a twin brother, Dru. Dru is superhandsome, supersuccessful and superinterested in becoming a villain. What will Gru do?


The Rating:
Well, we all know that the whole minion franchise is very successful, so of course everybody wants to keep the cash cow going. So I didn’t expect too much from this movie.
However, I was pleasantly surprised. Despicable Me 3 may not be as charming as the very first film, but it still is a cute flick to pass the time with.
This film has everything I love, so you’ll understand my enthusiasm. First of all: the minions. We know them, we adore them. Furthermore, Grus brother Dru supposedly made his fortune with pigs. I just can’t believe how supercute those animated piglets are. Last but not least: Agnes and the unicorn. Has there ever been anything sweeter than this little side plot? I honestly don’t even care about Gru or Dru – I just want to see more of Agnes and the pigs. 

I’ll admit it. This is not the best movie or the most creative one. You can tell that it’s meant to be easy money but it’s still a nice little film!


Did you watch the movie? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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