Book vs. TV Show: The Handmaid’s Tale

Hey Guys!
I just realized that I haven’t written a book vs. movie post in ages! Shame on me.
So let’s restart with one of the most widely discussed adaptation of the last year: The Handmaid’s Tale.


The Plot:
The Handmaid’s Tale is set in a near future were due to a mixture of pollution and diseases fertility rates dropped to an alarming level. Amidst this chaos a new totalitarian government, the Gilead, rises and brings changes. The society gets divided into different groups, each assigned a certain role. One of those new roles is the handmaid. These women are destined to bear the children of Gilead’s élite, whether they want it or not. One of those maids chronicles her old and her new life…


The Rating:
Let me just say upfront, I will dedicate two separate posts to the book and the TV show in specific, so stay tuned for that!
First of all, the book. Margaret Atwood’s novel is certainly intense. She gave me goosebumps throughout the entire story and I simply could not put down the book. It’s written so realistically, it’ll give you the creeps!
While reading you are both interested in finding out more as well as anxious about what is to come. I was deeply impressed and somewhat alarmed by this book. It is definitely a must read and offers a lot of food for thought. 
After I enjoyed the novel so much, I couldn’t wait to get started with the TV show. The first thing I noticed here was that all of the characters are young and beautiful. Of course, a show like that sells better, but I found it somewhat annoying that many of the characters from the book were made much younger for no obvious reason but for having a better looking show.
Having said that, there’s not much more negative stuff to say, so let’s move on to the praise. I am deeply impressed by the cast and despite my initial irritation, I consider all the actors and actresses well-chosen. Even Yvonne Strahovski, whom I never really liked so far, did a good job. But of course the biggest shout out needs to go to Elisabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel. They both gave intense performance that will shake you to the core. I appreciate that Alexis’ character gets her own little plotline as it really adds to the show.
The general atmosphere of the book was very well captured and just as I said before, you won’t be able to stop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the novel or the show, you keep going until it’s over and then you it there waiting for more. The book left me with a sense of unfinished business as so many questions remained unanswered. I’m glad that with the TV show we have a chance of getting some more material!
One point they already elaborated on is the pre-Gilead society and of course the plot-line of Luke and Moira. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the next season to see what happens with them!

Margaret Atwood wrote a compelling book that won’t let you go. It was a big task to take one, but the show makers and most of all the actors and actresses did an amazing job bringing Atwood’s words to life. I can wholeheartedly recommend both the book and the show, you won’t regret checking either of them out!


Did you read the book? Watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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