3 Thoughts on Orange is the New Black – Season 5

Hey Folks!
I’m currently a bit behind with catching up on all my favourite shows and the new seasons. However, I finally managed to watch Orange is the New Black #5!


Thought #1 – Piper:
Well, I mentioned this in my post about the fourth season, but let me say it again: Although Piper started out as the main character, I was really glad when the focus of the show shifted. At a certain point she began to bore me. After some more time, she annoyed me. She’s an interesting side character, but I’m super glad that in season 5 she’s not the main center of attention and action.


Thought #2 – The Background:
One of the things I appreciated most about the past season is how every character gets to develop and has many different layers. An important part of giving the characters depth, is telling their stories. So far almost all of those were intense and got under your skin. This season not that many stories are featured but believe me, the ones we get to see will hit you hard. 


Thought #3 – The Plot:
Well, this season is where it gets weird. There’s  a riot going on and the inmates barricaded themselves in the prison. I honestly didn’t think that the show runners would drag this plot along for 13 episodes. Let me paint you a picture: we spent the entire season with a sort of mexican standoff with the inmates inside holding hostages and representatives + police outside wanting to get in. You may have guessed it. At some point in the middle of the season it got a bit boring. In general, this season feels even more crazy than the ones before. There are some plotlines that will break your heart, but most of the sideplots are not explored in depth.

I have to admit, this wasn’t my favorite season so far, but I’m excited to see where the show will go from here on. 


Did you enjoy the season? Let me know in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “3 Thoughts on Orange is the New Black – Season 5

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