Book vs. TV Show: The Man in the High Castle

Hello my lovely readers!
Not too long ago, I did a book review on Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. I was super excited to check out Amazon’s adaptation of the story into a series. So I sat down, and binge-watched…


The Plot:
America 1962. The Second World War ended almost 20 years ago, but it didn’t turn out the way we know. In this novel, the Nazis won. The U. S. was divided into different zones, occupied by the Nazis and Japan. However, a resistance is working against the regime…


Book vs. TV Show:
Those of you who read my book review will know that I had my troubles with Philip K. Dick’s novel. While I consider the story itself both fascinating and horrifying, the way he carried it out wasn’t really to my liking. As the book was rather short and many aspect felt undeveloped and pale, I was very excited about the TV show, as it would provide more time to lay out certain events. Moreover, the book ended kind of in the middle of everything, not answering a single question that was raised. That really annoyed me, so once more, I got my hopes up for the show to continue where the book ended.
So I sat down, made myself comfortable and waited for Amazon to blow me away.
Well, they did a pretty good job! The cast is very well picked and, honestly, I couldn’t find a single actor or actress who didn’t fit in perfectly. You can also tell how much effort they put into making everything look realistic. Every little detail was taken care of.
When it comes to the plot, the show definitely fulfilled all my expectations. As usual, some aspects were changed, but it was most certainly for the better. The characters get much more time to develop. whereas they seemed really pale in the novel, we get relatable people in the show. The plot generally seems to have more layers and nuances. Of course, in a 259 pages book you don’t have time to do that, but the Philip K. Dick’s idea is so fascinating, it really deserves being explored a bit more. Due to the extended time and space the show has to present stuff, a lot of things get clearer compared with the book.
What impressed my most of all is that the show really got under my skin. There are certain scenes that will shake you to the core. The novel never accomplished that.
Honestly, the only thing that annoyed me about the show is that the woman who sings the theme songs is incapable of pronouncing the word Edelweiß correctly.

In this case I definitely prefer the show, as it has far more depth and explore more ideas than the book. Philip K. Dick’s idea is interesting, but the show carries it out much better than he did in the novel.


Did you read the book? Watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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