Movie Mania: A. I. Artificial Intelligence

Hey guys!
Today I have another Steven Spielberg movie for. Originally Stanley Kubrick was to be the director of this sci-fi drama. However, he handed A. I. – Artificial Intelligence over to Spielberg just a few years before his death.



The Plot:
It’s the end of the 22nd century. A company has produced the new and ultimate robot: it resembles a human child and is able to love. The Swintons adopt one of these new inventions but once their real son wakes from a coma, things go down-hill.
You can’t just throw a robot with feelings out in the thrash, can you?


The Rating:
After a very intriguing start I was very excited about A. I. Well, it was a fascinating movie for about one hour. (For your information: the total run-time is 2 hours and 26 minutes) Then a point was reached where the story became somewhat weird and irritating. Especially when Jude Law showed, playing some robot gigolo thing the film began to be very lengthy. Spielberg is sporting a Pinocchio theme but after a while the emphasise on that gets too much and ultimately ends up being annoying. Although A. I. does inspire some critical thoughts it gets nowhere near Kubrick’s other film. I don’t even think it is Steven Spielberg’s fault, as Kubrick himself was very hesitant with creating the movie (he had acquired the rights back in the 70s).
You can feel the desperate try to create an intensity that just not there. Piling up even more futuristic stuff doesn’t help giving the story depth either.

Despite an amazing cast and a great soundtrack, this promising film ends up as a weak and lengthy story that fails to impress.


Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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