3 Thoughts on Doctor Who Season 10

Hey Guys!
The new Doctor Who Christmas Special is approaching (featuring a brand new Doctor!) so I figured it’s time to look back on season 10 and Peter Capaldi’s time as Doctor!


#1 – Nardole:
Companions come and go, but Nardole is most certainly one of my favourites. For a tiny second I had my doubts that Matt Lucas would be able to pull it off, but believe me, he does! He’s so quirky, funny and simply special that I hope we will be seeing more of him in the future!


#2 – Bill:
As we are speaking of companions…
Bill, portrayed by Pearl Mackie, saved the whole Peter Capaldi era for me. To be honest, the first two seasons didn’t really impress me, some episodes almost annoyed me. However, I realized that it’s not Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor but Jenna Coleman as companion. I simply didn’t like her character, but as soon as Bill came into the picture I was back on board as well. Season 10 was an emotional rollercoaster, especially the final episode, that just ripped my heart out and tore it to shreds!


#3 – Peter Capaldi:
With this season, his version of the Doctor really grew on me, so I’m quite sorry to see him go. Although I’m pretty excited about Jodie Whittaker joining the cast for the next season, I will definitely miss Peter Capaldi. His acting was intense in this season and he really managed to touch me.


Those were my two (or three) cents on Doctor Who season 10. Did you enjoy it? Are you looking forward to seeing the first female Doctor? Let me know in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “3 Thoughts on Doctor Who Season 10

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