Movie Mania: Waking Ned

Hey guys!
What time is it? Movie review time! Today’s pick a film I had known about for ages but never got around watching. Well, recently it aired on TV, so here we go. Let’s find out about Waking Ned!



The Plot:
Somewhere in Ireland in a tiny village with 52 inhabitants, somebody won the lottery. The big jackpot. Jackie and Michael try to find out who the lucky winner is and soon discover, it’s poor old Ned who got so excited about his win that he had a heart attack… and died.
Well, it would be shame to let the millions go to waste, so the whole town teams up to get the money…


The Rating:
I just love the Irish humor! Who else could have come up with such a ridiculous story. I had heard great things about this film and was really excited to finally see it.
Turns out, it is just as good as its reputation! Waking Ned is super funny on so many levels. It’s not only the main plot-line that will leave you snickering, but also the brilliant side-plots. The actors are chosen wonderfully and the scenery is perfect for the story.
And we even get a huge plot-twist at the end! 😉

Waking Ned is the kind of movie that’s still hilarious even after watching it for the tenth time! I’ll need to do a re-watch soon 😀


Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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