5 Thoughts on The Leftovers Season 3

Hey Guys!
I know, this year I’m a bit behind when it comes to catching up with all the shows that had new seasons airing this year. The Leftovers aired its final episode on June 4th. It was not only the last episode of season 3 but the last episode in general. So was the third season a worthy end to a remarkable show?


#1 – The Beginning:
This season was certainly intense. After watching season 2 I thought I was prepared for everything, but hell no!
Just like the last time, the very first episode is special. The opening scene is set in 1844 (I won’t say anything else – no spoilers here) and it’s simply beautiful. I’m pretty sure no other show could pull this off but with The Leftovers it works. It’s so atmospheric and – as usual – heartbreaking.


#2 – The Intros:
Every episode in season 3 has a different opening theme that somehow resonates with the shows vibe. You got a little surprise with every episode you watched and most of the songs were perfectly chosen. Almost all the songs made it to my playlist!
What I loved especially is that the final two episodes began with the intros of season 1 and 2. It’s wonderful how the circle was closed in every little details.


#3 – The Characters:
There’s so much going on, so many weird things but it works out. With The Leftovers it all even feels credible. I’m sure that’s due to the amazing characters within the show. They all have so much depth and development, you can’t help but get invested in every single storyline. It’s impressive how each story can be so different yet still is closely related to the others. The Leftovers has characters that are so complex, no other show could have done that in just three seasons.


#4 – The Actors:
Of course I also need to shower the amazing cast with some praise. All of them did an impressive job and of course are one of the reasons the show is so intense and credible. Justin Theroux as Kevin, Amy Brenneman as Lori, but most of all Christopher Eccleston and Carrie Coon (Matt and Nora) are the shining stars in of this show. I can’t even begin to put into words how perfect their performances are.


#5 – The End:
If you haven’t seen the final season yet, let me just warn: it will break your heart. We get some closure, while still in some way many things are open for interpretation. The finale is touching and I’m certain that there could have been no better end for this remarkable show!


Did you watch The Leftovers? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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