Book vs. Movie: Inkheart

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A few days ago I wrote a post on Cornelia Funke’s wonderful novel Inkheart. I was pretty excited that there is a movie adapation and of course sat down to watch it immediately after I finished the book. But was it worth the time? (By the way, stay tuned for reviews on book 2+3, Inspell and Inkdeath!)


The Plot:
Meggie, a twelve-year-old girl, looks out the window of her room and sees a strange man standing in the yard. Little does she know that his appearance is bound to change her life forever.
This stranger is from another world, a world created with ink on paper. And Meggie’s father Mo brought him here. Him, and some darker characters…


Book vs. Movie:
I already covered my opinion on the book in detail, so let’s just do a quick summary: the novel as absolutely wonderful. The story is unique, the characters are to die for. It’s simply magical. Inkheart is a special book that connects in a certain way with everyone who loves to read. This novel will never let you go.
So, let’s talk about the film. Cornelia Funke herself is on board as producer, the cast list consists of Hollywood’s finest actors. What could go wrong here? The answer is: everything.
They simply killed the story. That’s actually an achievement in itself. Where the book came up with dark, saddening and authentic moments, the adaptation is pale and most of all ridiculous. All of the bad guys seem like bad comic figures and there is no way I could take any scene with them seriously. But what shocked me the most is that they managed to fuck up the magical atmosphere. The novel was so atmosphere and unique. However, the movie is way over the top, some stuff doesn’t make sense and you’re not pulled in at all. When not even Helen Mirren riding a unicorn can save the film, you know it’s really bad.
Another point that annoyed me is that the end was changed. While the novel still had some dark undertones and left the door open for the second book, here everybody got a happy end. Another moment where the atmosphere was killed by a far too happy-go-lucky turn that doesn’t really fit in.

I have to admit, after I finished watching this movie I was angry. Inkheart is a story like no other and touches the reader in a special way. The film is just plain awful and contains not a single ounce of what made the book so popular.

Did you read the book? Watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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