TV Show Spotlight: Sneaky Pete

Hello folks!
Today I bring you my recent discovery. I found out that Amazon Prime is free for one year if you are a student. That means I have tons of new stuff to check out! My first pick was Sneaky Pete. Is this Amazon production worth checking out?


What is it about?
Marius just got out of jail and is in a hell lot of trouble. What easier way is there to get away than by assuming a different identity? And Marius has the perfect one at hand: his cell mate has wonderful grandparents. He just hasn’t seen them in twenty years. So they wouldn’t notice Marius posing as Pete, right?


Why should you check it out?
First of all, I love how original and unique this show is. It’s so very different from everything else that’s currently out there, Sneaky Pete will be a fresh wind in your to-watch-list. You expect a more or less simple story but I can promise you will be surprised (especially by the last episode). There are so many plot twist you absolutely won’t see coming. Sneaky Pete is a smart and clever crime drama!
One of the things that makes to show so great is the amazing set of actors contributing. We get Giovanni Ribisi, Margo Martindale, Bryan Cranston and many more. How could this show not turn out wonderfully? The last point on my list is the great soundtrack. You will get tons of new songs to add to your playlist.

Sneaky Pete is most certainly worth checking out. It’s cold, clever, surprising and unlike everything else!


Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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