Movie Mania: Fargo

Hey Guys!
Today, I have a confession to make. The iconic 1996 movie Fargo? Never seen it. Until last week! Let’s if it’s worth all the fuss!



The Plot:
Jerry desperately needs money. Well, he has the brilliant idea of having his wife kidnapped in order to get his father in law to pay a nice ransom. What could possibly go wrong with that? The answer: everything!


The Rating:
I have to admit, I was pretty excited to finally see this one. There are so many reviews out there, praising this movie and hey, it also won tons of accolades. So it has to be good, right?First of all, the humor is great. It is rather dark, so some people might gape at me for laughing at any point in this film, but for me it was hilarious! The characters are absolutely wonderful. We get a huge variety and you won’t be able to guess where each character finally will end up. These are certainly characters you won’t forgot. Ever.
The story itself is very well thought through, clever and unforeseeable. What I enjoyed most were the very unexpected side-plots that are just as funny as the rest of this movie.

Fargo is a witty crime story you’ll never forgot. Amazing characters, fascinating story. What else could you wish for?
(I’m so excited right now, I’ll go and check out the TV show immediately!)



Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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