Top 4 TV Shows that feature Magic

Hey guys!
I haven’t written a list in ages, so it’s definitely time to tackle a new subject. Todays post will be about my favourite TV shows that involve magic!


#4 – The Worst Witch:

I have only a faint memory of this one, but I really loved it when I was a kid. The best way to describe this show is as a funny version of Harry Potter with a female Neville in the leading role. Mildred Hubble is a young witch who attends a magic school. But – you guess it – she’s having quite a lot of trouble!
While doing research for this post I  found out that a re-boot of The Worst Witch aired this year, Bella Ramsay is starring as Mildred (you might know her as Lyanna Mormont). I need to check it out asap!


#3 – Bewitched:

This is certainly the cutest and most charming witch-y show I ever came across. Maybe that’s just my nostalgia glasses but Elizabeth Montgomery is absolutely adorable in this show. She plays the witch Samantha who just married a regular mortal. He is rather surprised when he finds out that his wife is a witch. And that she comes with a very strange mother-in-law.
The first time I had heard of Bewitched was actually in another magical TV Show: Charmed! The show was aired way before my time and unfortunately German television wasn’t doing any re-runs. But hey, better late than never!


#2 – Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

For several years whenever I came home after school I turned on the TV to watch an episode of Sabrina. Melissa Joan Hart was wonderful in this role – it’s a shame that the show hasn’t been on TV for ages. However, since my favourite teenage witch is way past her teenage years, I’m going to brighten up your day with a little video I recently came across. It’s absolutely hilarious!


#1 – Charmed:

I have to admit, back in the day I was kind of obsessed with this show. I’ve seen every single episode numerous times and was completely fascinated. This tale of three sister is just perfect: it has ups, downs, laughs, deaths, love and a happy ending.
Whenever a new season came out I was glued to the screen. Charmed simply was special. I even have some of the books that tell extra stories!

What’s your favourite magical TV show? Let me know in the comments!


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