Movie Mania: Run Lola Run

Hello folks!
For today’s post I checked out one of the only Germany thrillers that gained international fame during the last twenty years. Tom Tykwer’s take on the butterfly effect was even Germany’s entry for Best Foreign Language film at the 71st Academy Awards.


The Plot:
Manni fucked up. Big Time. The small time criminal accidentally forgot a bag full of money in the subway. His girlfriend Lola has to save the day. She comes up with a plan and starts running, as there are only 20 minutes left before Manni’s boss wants to collect his money…


The Rating:
First of all let me explain something: This film doesn’t have a straight forward storyline but rather a repetition of the same plot. Lola runs three times. Each time a little thing is changed, resulting in a completely different outcome. In-between her runs we learn bit more about Manni’s and Lola’s relationship.
So, the main plot is in real-time and thus has a rather unique vibe. Although I did amuse me a bit that despite running for twenty minutes, not even a single drop of sweat was to be spotted on Lola…
The thing that makes the atmosphere so perfect is the music. The main song kept resonating in my head for days after, such a brilliant tune!
Run Lola Run has one of the two best German actors in the main roles. To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of German cinema but Franka Potente has never let me down so far and Moritz Bleibtreu also gave many intense performances.
Well, I admit it, some situations are way over the top but it blends in with the overall vibe and works out just fine. So despite chuckling at a few things, Run Lola Run definitely made it among my favourite German films!

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check out this little German gem. Run Lola Run is a unique piece with a Bonnie and Clyde vibe that won’t leave you cold!


Did you watch Run Lola Run? Let me know what think!

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