Movie Mania: Mermaids (1990)

Hey Folks!
Today I want to present my favourite Cher film ever. Based on a novel by Patty Dann, Richard Benjamin created a lovely comedy drama!


The Plot:
The story is narrated by Charlotte. She’s 15 years old and lives with her rather eccentric mother Rachel and little sister Kate. Whenever something goes wrong in her life, Rachel packs up an relocates. The actual story begins in 1963 right after one of those moves. Charlotte, who’s obsessed with Catholicism, develops feelings for the 26-year-old school bus driver Joe while Rachel falls in love with a local shop owner. But is there a future to any of those relationships?


The Rating:
I guess I’ve seen this film six or seven times already. Each time I sit down I’m once again impressed by Cher’s talent. Many singers give acting a shot, but most of them fail terribly. Cher, however, is simply divine in her role. Along with that I adore Winona Ryder. I love almost all the movies did in the 80s and 90s but this one is on top of my list. They way she plays the role, I believe every single word she says. Just so relatable! Furthermore, Christina Ricci is just the cutest in her first acting role as Kate.
The story itself is both heart-warming and heart-breaking. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. We get all! The mother-daughter relationship is so touching, you just wish you could reach out to them.
But what I love most about this film is the music. It features all of my favourite 60s songs like It’s My Party and Big Girls Don’t Cry. I’m singing along each time. Moreover the perfect atmosphere is created with impeccable costumes. I swear, it’s like stepping through a time machine. Super authentic!

If you haven’t already seen Mermaids, please go and check it out. It’s such a wonderful film, I’m 100 % convinced that you’ll love it!


What do you think about Mermaids? Let me know in the comments!

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