TV Show Review: Broadchurch Season 2

Hey guys!
I talked about one of the best British TV shows, Broadchurch before. After two years, we finally got a new season in 2017. But before I checked that one out, I had to catch up with season two!


The Plot:
This season picks up right after season 1. Danny Latimer’s murderer has to face trial. Of course that has a major impact not only on Danny’s family but on the entire town. Meanwhile DI Hardy has to deal with a witness from another investigation. More questions arise than are answered…


The Rating:
Those of you who watched season one know that Broadchurch captures you with an intensity no other show can come up with. If that is even possible, the second season stepped up the game. I hadn’t expect the trial to be the main focus through the entire season, but believe me, it works out more than perfectly.
The way the story is told sends shivers down your spine. There is something unbelievably relatable about it that keeps you glued to the screen.
Moreover, I need to point out that some of Britains finest actors are featured in this show. David Tennant (you might know him as Doctor Who or Barty Crouch) plays one of the main roles and is simply on point. Everything about him, the way he looks, the way he moves, even his accent – it’s almost like he was born to play this role.
And then there is Olivia Colman. There is only one word to describe her: brilliant. Her perfomrance outshadows even Tennant. To be honest, the show would be worth watching if she were the only actor in the whole thing. The way she captures all those feelings is just stunning.

I hadn’t expected the second season to be this intense and thrilling. Although it operates on a different level than season 1, I am beyond impressed. If you decide to watch only one show this year, Broadchurch is your pick!


Did you watch season 2? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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