Movie Mania: Sing

Hello Folks!
Today’s movie is a rather unlikely choice for me. Sing is an animated musical comedy featuring the voices of Hollywood’s finest actors. Childish or also worth checking out for adults?


The Plot:
Buster Moon is in trouble. The theater he owns is about to be taken away due to financial problems. In order to raise money he comes up with a singing competition. As it turns out, there are many talents around…


The Rating:
So, a thing to bear in mind: Sing was of course primarily intended for children. The story isn’t super fancy, deep or complicated. However, the animation is just lovely. There are so many different animals featured and I was so surprised to see how they depict each one.
Furthermore, the singing. Including lots of music can make or break a film. Is is too much? Does it fit the rest of the story? Are the songs good?
In this case, everything was on-spot. Just the right amount of singing is featured, giving us an impression of what the candidates are capable of, along with showing some evolution. The songs are super catchy. I caught myself not only singing along but even dancing round the room.

If you don’t expect too much and allow yourself to be just a little bit childish, you will certainly enjoy it. Sing may not be the best film ever made, but it certainly is a cute and well-made flick with many nice songs.


Did you watch Sing? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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