TV Show Spotlight: Lucifer

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I have  a really cool TV show for you that I discovered recently. Lucifer is a fantasy police dramedy and so far spans over two season, the third one being released next year.


What is it about?
The devil is bored being the Lord of Hell and decides to take some time off. He abandons his kingdom, moves to Los Angeles and opens a nightclub there. But as life has its wicked ways, he ends up working with Chloë Decker from the LAPD, solving crimes…


Why should you check it out?
Let me get this straight: the crime solving part isn’t the interesting thing about Lucifer. However, the real story spanning over the entire series is what pulled me in. The devil got bored, he has not only father issues but in the course of the show has to deal with his angelic brother and his mother who escaped from hell. Did I mention that he decides to got to therapy? That sounds like something doesn’t it?
I love the way Tom Ellis plays Lucifer as this super smug guy who acts like he secretly rules the earth. His humor is just great and one of the main reasons I always tune in.
Another point I really love about Lucifer is the soundtrack. Many amazing songs are featured and I can promise you’ll end up searching the playlists for each episode.

Lucifer may not be the best TV show out there but it’s definitely a smooth, original and funny ride!


Did you already watch Lucifer? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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4 thoughts on “TV Show Spotlight: Lucifer

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