Movie Mania: The Place Beyond the Pines

Hey Guys!
It’s time to cross another film off my watch-list that had been waiting there forever. The Place Beyond the Pines is a star-filled crime drama that seemed to be highly promising. Let’s find out if it really is!


The Plot:
Motorcycle Stuntman Luke finds out that an ex-lover he hadn’t seen in some time now has a baby. His baby.
In order to provide for his child Luke tries to make an effort, but it’s hard to get by in the middle of nowhere. When he has no other options left, he starts robbing banks…


The Rating:
I have to admit, my feelings are a bit mixed about this one.
If you like Gosling’s film you will love this one. The best way to describe The Place Beyond the Pines is as mixture of Drive and Blue Valentine. Just like in Drive Ryan Gosling plays an inscrutable character with next to no lines in the entire movie. Just like in Blue Valentine there is an unexpected baby Goslings character takes care of and a complicated relationship with the mother.
The film was actually very interesting until we passed the middle. With a total length of 140 minutes, The Place Beyond the Pines is rather lengthy from the second half on. Although the story line with Bradley Cooper (no spoilers here) seemed promising at first, it soon turned annoying, unbelievable and just far to long (considering the few things that are actually going on)
The upside is definitely the atmosphere. The setting is perfect and the music matches with the story and the actors. However, despite being filled with many amazing and talented actors, ultimately the movie disappointed me.

The Place Beyond the Pines appears to be very fascinating at first, unfortunately things go downhill after half of it. Not even the actors can save this film from turning into a cliché.


Did you see The Place Beyond the Pines? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Movie Mania: The Place Beyond the Pines

  1. This is an engrossing, beautifully acted film but I’m not sure I was always convinced by the characters motivations, particularly Jason’s rapid personality meltdown. And if the overarching message was that nature triumphs nurture and all boys turn into their fathers, I’m not sure I agree with that either. I think for me it suffered from being over-hyped. I expected an absolute masterpiece and got something solid but ultimately underwhelming.

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