Book vs. Movie: Gone Girl

Hello folks!
Today I want to talk about one of the biggest book adaptations of the last years: Gone Girl. Gillian Flynn 2012 best-selling novel was turned into a movie in 2014 by David Fincher starring nothing but Hollywood’s finest actors.


The Plot:
Nick’s life is shattered when his beloved wife Amy vanishes on their fifth wedding anniversary. The cops start investigating and soon it becomes fishy: mopped up blood on the floor, a staged scene of struggle. Was Amy killed? Abducted? And even more important: Who did it? Nick?


The Rating:
This movie was nominated for tons of awards and the novel made it on the New York Times Best Seller list. So I was pretty excited to finally check them out!
Let’s start with the book. It was most definitely a gripping read you can’t put down. The novel consists of diary entries, alternating between Nick and Amy. So we get a pretty thorough insight into their thoughts and see each event from different angles. The crime part seems thought through perfectly and when the big plot-twist somewhere in the middle, your mind is blown.
But here are the negatives: There’s not a single person in this novel I like. Nobody I can relate to or feel with. Especially Amy annoyed me. At first I just rolled my eyes at the character and the more pages I read the more I disliked her. Nick was constantly framed as the nice guy who just acts a bit weird and thus everybody hates. Well, the author did a thorough job. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t scrape up even a tiny bit of sympathy for him.
Despite an interesting plot I kept wishing for the book to be over as the characters kept annoying me more with each page.
So, when I sat down to check out the movie I hoped for something a bit more relatable. Nope. The only character from the novel I found remotely likeable, Nick’s sister Go, became even more of a side-note and thus left me with even less to hold onto.
Some parts from the book where left out, completely dumping the back story. So the film has by far less depth than the book and a few things don’t really make sense. Although Rosamund Pike gives an impressive performance, I still didn’t like her character. In fact, even the smallest roles featured big stars, but somehow all the characters remained a bit pale and shallow.

To be honest, I had hoped for more. The thriller is remotely interesting but the extremely unlikable characters ruin the experience.


Did you read the book? Watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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