TV Show Spotlight: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hello my lovely readers!
I’ve already written quite a few posts on Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. About the books, the movie, etc.
But I completely forgot to dedicated a sole post to the wonderful Netflix show!


What is it about?
A Series of Unfortunate Events follows Violet, Klaus and Sunny Beaudelair. After a fire destroyed their home and killed their parents, they struggle with their new guardians. The first new care-taker they get is Count Olaf who is only after their money. However, each time the Beaudelair children seem to get rid of him, some new peril awaits them…
There are 13 books in total, and Netflix dedicated 2 episodes to each book. So the first season consists of 8 episodes and deals with the first four books.


Why should you check it out?
To be honest, A Series of Unfortunate Events is not only one of the best TV shows I checked out this year, it’s also one of the best adaptations that ever crossed my way.
First of all, I love the somber atmosphere and the setting. The costumes, the places and the decoration are always a bit exaggerated, never quite like they would be in reality. But this just helps to underline the feeling the show gives you.
Next I want to highlight the brilliant casting. I was sceptical at first, but all my doubts were blasted to shreds with the first episode. Neil Patrick Harris excels as Count Olaf, giving a wicked, evil and weird performance that hits the vibe perfectly. Bonus: we get to see him in tons of different costumes and you can tell he enjoyed it! Furthermore, I really like Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket, narrating the whole thing. By the way, the fact that they kept the narrator makes it even more worthwhile. His comments, interruptions and simply what he does while talking is brilliant! Of course the other actors, especially Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes and Presley Smith as the Beaudelaire orphans are intense. Additionally we get many great guest appearances, but you can check that out for yourself.
So, let’s talk about the story itself. A Series of Unfortunate Events may come across a children’s show in the first moment but it’s rather dark. Mysterious things are happening and despite the sad undertone many funny moments await you. In fact it’s a perfect combination of humour and drama! Furthermore, the story is extremely well written and many plot-twist await. Believe me, you won’t see them coming!
One last thing: The music is amazing. Each episode has its own version of the title song, performed by Neil Patrick Harris and all of them are just great!

So I hope you find the time to check out this very unique Netflix production. I’m completely over the moon and I’m sure you will be too!


Did you already watch A Series of Unfortunate Events? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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