TV Show vs. Movie: A Series of Unfortunate Events

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It’s time for another post on A Series of Unfortunate Events. This time I want to shed some light on both the TV show and the movie. Which one is better?


The Plot:
A Series of Unfortunate Events follows Violet, Klaus and Sunny Beaudelair. After a fire destroyed their home and killed their parents, they struggle with their new guardians. The first new care-taker they get is Count Olaf who is only after their money. However, each time the Beaudelair children seem to get rid of him, some new peril awaits them…
There are 13 books in total, and Netflix dedicated 2 episodes to each book. So the first season consists of 8 episodes and deals with the first four books. As that would be far too much for just one movie, only the first three books were adapted in the film.


TV Show vs. Movie:
I was hooked from the first episode on. In this TV show everything plays together perfectly. The casting is amazing, although I had my doubts about some of the actors, I ended up more than delighted. So far they keep very close to the novels, thus really making the story come alive. Furthermore, Lemony Snicket is very present in the TV show in his function as narrator. He is part of every episodes and makes several comments. This may sound a bit weird, as it’s not the usual thing to do, but believe me, it works out wonderfully. Another point I love about the show is the music. The title song for each episode is a little different and especially the song in the last episode was marvellous.

However, I had seen the film long before the show was even in planning. The first thing I’d like to highlight is the super cute intro the film movie has. It really is the perfect framework for a Lemony Snicket adaptation. We also get the man himself who says a few sentences, but basically only at the beginning of the film. While I enjoy the presence in the show, I’m glad they cut it down here as it wouldn’t have worked out with the flow of the movie. The cast for the film is even more star-packed than for the TV show, although many of the characters really look alike. Especially the children – despite being played by different actors – resemble the description of the books perfectly.
Both the show and the movie create a rather gloomy atmosphere that goes well with the story. The film is a bit more gothic-y which results in a bit of a different vibe. However, both styles really suit the plot.
When it comes to the story itself, quite some stuff was changed in order to give the movie a story with a beginning and an end. You may not expect it, but they did a great job here and I honestly can’t criticize a thing!

Summing up, both the movie and the TV show are wonderful takes on a fantastic book series. If you’re not sure whether you want to go all the way with the TV show, check out the movie first and you’ll get a pretty good picture (and you will still be surprised by the show)!


Did you already watch any version of A Series of Unfortunate Events? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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2 thoughts on “TV Show vs. Movie: A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. I think both the film and the TV show have their pros and cons. Like, I absolutely love the TV show. I think they did a fantastic job with it, but I find that NPH is just too NPH. I don’t quite see Count Olaf in him…he’s just too NPH! And I’m still fixated on the casting in movie…I prefer the casting of the children there over the ones in the show. Imagine if we could just merge all the best bits of both into one awesome show? But I do enjoy the show and can’t wait to watch the next season!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It took me some time to get used to the new cast but now I’m quite happy with it. When it comes to NPH, I have to admit the only thing I ever saw him in is HIMYM, so I can’t really judge how different this role is from what he usually delivers.
      I’m so excited for the next season 😀


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