TV Show Review: Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life

Hey Guys!
I finally had time to check out what ever Gilmore Girls fan had been dreaming of for 9 years: a sequel. In 2016 Netflix released 4 90 minutes long episodes full of Stars Hollow fun! Let’s see whether they are good…
(Just to warn you, there will be spoilers ahead!)


The Plot:
Rory is struggling a bit with her career, constantly switching between New York, Stars Hollow and London.
In the mean time Emily has to deal with the great loss the family suffered. Richard passed away and she lost her purpose.
As the relationship between them is still not the best, Lorelai is not the biggest help. She’s got her own problems to think about, concerning her private life with Luke as well as her professional life at the Dragonfly Inn.


The Rating:
First of all, it was great that all of the actors returned. It just wouldn’t have been the same otherwise. However, thinking about it, this is also part of the problem. Nothing really changed. Nine years after we left Stars Hollow basically every little thing is still exactly the same. It felt like many of the characters were kept in the same place just to keep up the old jokes.
Well, there were a few changes but not for the best. What disappointed me most about this whole sequel is Rory. She was brilliant and aspiring when the show ended but now… I get that the writers just wanted to show a bit of struggle even if you are as talented as Rory but for me it was rather irritating to see what became of her. First of all she has no home. She claims it’s because she’s travelling so much but really it’s just because she’s broke. She barely working at all and it’s no wonder. There’s this website thing and they really want Rory there. However, when she finally reluctantly accepts they decide against her. You know why? When Rory showed up she wasn’t prepared at all. Even if she didn’t expect a formal job interview she still should be able to produce a spontaneous “Who am I? What do I do?” What on earth happened to that brilliant girl from nine years ago? I was actually shocked by that.
But hey, there’s more: Rory has a boyfriend she constantly forgets about and cheats on. Not only is it really unfair to him, it’s simply something you don’t do. Oh, and guess who she’s having an affair with: Logan! He’s engaged, but whatever. I never would have expected something like that from her character. This is about as wrong as it can get! Being so lost, egoistic and careless is not what I wanted Rory Gilmore to be.
Another point I wasn’t too fond of are the guest appearances. They squeezed them all in Dean, Jess, … But most of those scenes don’t have anything to add to the 4 episodes and were only in there to bring back some popular characters. Even if they only got to say 3 sentences.
Did you know that Alex Kingston (you may know her as River Song from Doctor Who) has a little role? At first I was excited but her character soon turned out to be annoying beyond anything I can take.
And what about that awful musical thing that’s going on in Stars Hollow? It took up at least twenty minutes and even Lorelai thought it was bad. Does that tell you something?!

While some moments are rather cute and I enjoyed Emily’s development, Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life was a disappointment for me. Especially Rory was a huge letdown along with many other little things that didn’t quite fit.


Did you watch it yet? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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4 thoughts on “TV Show Review: Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life

  1. Agreed 100%. I loved the original show, but was so disappointed by the reboot. Rory was obviously mischaracterized, but I also hated that Lorelai didn’t seem to have grown any in the intervening time. She couldn’t find one nice thing to say about her father at his wake? Not even about how he cared so much for Rory? And she and Luke never discussed kids? They were both so insufferable. (I loved Emily’s plot line though…she was the one redeeming aspect of the new episodes!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can totally agree with you 😉
    I was dissapointed too. Really sad that the “new season” didn’t develop as much as everybody thought.
    xo =)

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