Book vs. Movie: Kill Your Friends

Hey guys!
It’s time for another Book vs. Movie post. Kill your Friends was written by one of my favourite writers, John Niven in 2008. His dark comedy crime story was adapted in 2015, starring Nicholas Hoult in the main role as Steven Stelfox.



The Plot:
Steven Stelfox is an up and coming A&R agent in the Britpop music industry. However, the guy is more than hungry for success and perfectly willing to sell his own grandmother to get what he wants…


The Rating:
I remember when I read the novel a few years ago I immediately went out to grab every other book by John Niven I could get hold of. The way he writes is simply brilliant. The story is dark, gripping, evil and still hysterically funny at times. You can’t help but hate the main character yet it’s like a car crash: you just can’t look away. Both satirical and somewhat realistic, it is fresh and far more enjoyable version of American Psycho, that has some meaning behind it.
So, while going through the book, I constantly thought “This would make a great movie!” Especially with all the music mentioned, I figured the soundtrack would the whole thing even more perfect.
I guess, I was wrong. Nicholas Hoult gives a decent performance and the music is somewhat enjoyable. That’s about everything positive I can say about the adaptation. The story has completely lost its fascinating grip, feels shallow and pretentious from first minute to last. The 103 minutes feel like three hours. What was amusing in the novel, was just ridiculous and over the top in the adaptation. (Moritz Bleibtreu for example made me want to jump out of the window.)

After reading an amazing novel by John Niven, I had my hopes up high for this adaptation. However, the movie is nothing but a big disappointment.

Did you read the book? Watch the Film? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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4 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: Kill Your Friends

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