My 5 Favourite Short Movies

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I have something very special for you: I put together a list of my most beloved short films. They are pretty different so I hope there one for everybody!


The Maker:
This one is both dark but also heart-breakingly cute. It always reminds me a bit of Tim Burton and he’s one of my favourite directors! The Maker was not only made with so much love optical details, the music is absolutely wonderful as well.



Partly Cloudy:
I stumbled upon this one completely by surprise. Partly Cloudy is featured on the DVD for Up. And I can’t even wrap my mind around how lovely this little film is!



When Genevieve ruled the World:
This one is actually part of a rather dark series. I encourage you to check out the other videos as well as they are simply brilliant. I’m still hoping for a full length movie at some point!


He took his Skin off for Me:
This one will really get under your skin. (Bad pun totally intended) I stumbled upon this one a few years ago and was simply impressed!



The Consequences of Feminism:
Most of you won’t know this little film but it actually is a piece of history. The Consequences of Feminism is not only one of the first movies ever made, it was directed by the first female director ever, Alice Guy. Taking into account that it was made in 1906, the story is rather daring and very modern!


What’s your favourite short film? Leave me some stuff in the comments to check out!

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