Movie Mania: Catch me if you Can

Hey Guys!
Today I have one of my favourite Leonardo DiCaprio movies for. He starred in many great production but this one is funny, sad and has his perfect antagonist: Tom Hanks! What makes it even more interesting: It’s based on the real story of Frank Abagnale…


The Plot:
The teen-aged Frank Abagnale has a wonderful but when his loving family seems to fall apart he takes drastic measures. His father loses his job and soon after his parents get divorced. Frank runs away. You’d think a young boy would run out of money soon, but Frank is clever. He begins forging checks and poses as a PanAm pilot. And that’s only the beginning…


The Rating:
This one has it all: a fascinating story  that is charming, funny, sad and relatable. Amazing actors in ever role, Steven Spielberg directing and…
I’ll begin with the plot. So despite Frank Abagnale being a criminal I couldn’t help but marvel at what he did. It took so much skill, discipline, ingenuity and most definitely guts. I was deeply impressed with all the things he came up with, especially at such a young age. And believe me, he did a good job, the FBI spend years trying to catch him.
Furthermore, Leonardo DiCaprio was the perfect choice for the role. He plays the part as if he were born for it. DiCaprio is beyond charming and credible. But it would never have been this great without Tom Hanks playing Carl Hanratty, the FBI agent out to catch him. They are a wonderful team and have magnificent chemistry on screen.
Another point I really want to point out is the wonderful set and love for detail. The film takes place in the 60s and it all fits: the clothes, the music, the styling. It’s just wonderful. The movie is worth watching just for that!
I’ve already seen it numerous times and a detail I enjoy each time is the intro. They even picked it up for The Simpsons.

Catch me if you can is a surprisingly funny movie with amazing actors and an impressive story. No matter how many times you see it, the film never gets old!


Did you watch Catch me if you Can? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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