Top 5 TV Show Couples

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another list! Today I want to talk about my all-time favourite couples in TV shows. There are tons to choose from, it definitely wasn’t easy picking just 5!
So halfway through writing this post, I decided that there just has to be a part 2. To be continued 😉


#5 Cosima and Delphine (Orphan Black):
First of all it still is kind of ground breaking to have an openly lesbian couple in a TV show. I just loved how nobody shrugged a shoulder about it! Another point about this relationship that I find inspiring is how the two match perfectly also in science. They are super smart and together than can basically do anything!


#4 Amy and Rory (Doctor Who):
These two will be my all-time favourite companions. Not only did they travel through time and space with the doctor, they also got married, had a child, went through so much together. Their relationship has so many different layers, a fascinating couple!


#3 – Angela and Jordan (My So-Called Life):
The thing I love most about the show is that it’s the only time, the only series I every came across that really understood what it’s like to be a teenager. Angela relationship with Jordan was just the same: what it feels like in reality. Not something polished and unreal. Just two teenagers in love.


#2 – Elliot and JD (Scrubs):
Their relationship had many ups and downs but ultimately the ended up together. Honestly I think they are the perfect match for each other. It’s great that both of them can just be the real, awkward and weird self around the other.


#1 – Marge and Homer (The Simpsons):
Well, no list would ever be complete without them. Neither Homer nor Marge is perfect but through all the difficulties they always stuck together. It’s not easy but to be honest this relationship seems more real and honest the most of what you see on TV. To me Marge and Homer are the perfect couple!

Your favourite couple? Let me know in the comments!
(And stay tuned for Part 2!)


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