TV Show Spotlight: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Hey guys!
I’ve already mentioned this show before but so far neglected to give it a proper introduction. So let me present to you: Ash vs. Evil Dead, a comedy horror show developed by Sam Raimi and based on his homonymous movie series!


What is it about?
Our good old friend Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is living a pretty decent life when all of sudden (because he did something stupid) the Evil Dead show up again, more 30 years after their last encounter. Well, as we all know, Ash is just THE man to stop them…

Why should you check it out?
Very simple: it’s absolutely hilarious! I was a bit sceptical about the show, as I’m a huge fan of the old movies. But all my doubts were washed away by the first episodes. Bruce Campbell is back and he’s better than ever. I actually spent the whole first episode laughing and immediately had to binge-watch the rest of the season. The last few episodes get a tiny bit lengthy but the great special effects and the even greater Bruce Campbell totally obliterate that. Did I mention that Lucy Lawless (you may know her as Xena the warrior princess) plays an important part?
If that didn’t convince you, I have one last argument: the amazing soundtrack. Right after each episode I went online and had to find all the songs featured. Absolutely brilliant choices!

So as you can see, Ash vs. Evil Dead is a very worth sequel to the cult-horror movie series. I can guarantee you’ll love it!

Did you watch Ash vs. Evil Dead? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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