Movie Mania: The Princess and the Frog

Hey guys!
Today I’m letting my inner child run free. I checked out Disney’s production The Princess and the Frog, which is a 2009 animated fairy-tale-thingy.


The Plot:
Tiana is a young woman with big plans. She works her ass off to save enough money in order to open her own restaurant. But during a masquerade ball Tiana kisses a frog – hoping to turn him into a prince. However, it all goes horribly wrong and she ends up as frog…


The Rating:
First of all, what I like about this one is the animation style. It looks just like all of your favourite old Disney movies. There’s no super polished shining 3D animation. For me the old style has just a little bit more soul!
Moreover there are some lovely and funny characters but I have a problem with the obligatory animal side-kick. In The Princess and the Frog it seemed to merely exist because every Disney hero and heroine has a funny side-kick everybody loves. In this case it didn’t add all too much to the overall film and could have been left out all together. However, the fact that Tiana is the first african-american Disney princess outweighs that. It’s great to see a bit of variety here!
Although it is in general a cute and funny movie, the pace is sometimes a bit weird and especially the voodoo seems a little off at times.

The Princess and The Frog is a lovely little thing that looks just like your favourite childhood movies, but it can’t quite live up to them. However, if you are prepared to overlook a view flaws, you will have a great time with this film!

Have you seen this film? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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