My 5 Favourite TV Shows When I Was Little

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another good list. I want to head down memory lane and reminisce about my most beloved childhood TV shows!


# 1 – Sailor Moon:
I watched this one almost religiously. I sang along, I danced I even had some plastic thing I kept waving around like Sailor Moon.
Back in the day the entire afternoon programme consists of anime shows and I loved all of them. But Sailor Moon is most definitely my favourite. A few years ago, they showed a re-run. I was glued to the screen!


#2 – Moomins:
Is they show even known outside of Europe? It’s not even that famous in Austria. The Moomins are actually book characters invented by a Finnish writer. To be honest, I’ve never read a single one of those books, but the show was always one my favourites. They characters are so different, it’s a little weird and especially the setting is so unlike everything. A really magical show!


#3 – Dinosaurs:
I bet you all know this one! It follows the life of a Dinosaur family portrayed by puppets. It wasn’t until years later when I re-watched the show that I realised how smart and critical it actually is. Not only is the baby one of the best characters of time, the show also touches many interesting matters, very unique for a kids programme.


#4 – Recess:
Every kid born in the 90s surely has seen this show. I was always so jealous of the huge school playground and the cool stuff the kids got to do during their recess. They characters are so different there was always someone you could relate to. I still can’t figure out which one I’m most alike with.


#5 – Alfred J Kwak:
This is probably the cutest and saddest entry on my list. The show basically starts with a duck family being run over by a car. However, one little duckling survives and he turns out to be the happiest of them all. Even now I never found a kids show that’s both heart-warming and heart-breaking like this one.

I could go on with this list forever. But hey, let me know about your favourite childhood shows!

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