TV Show Spotlight: Mr. Robot

Hey guys!
Today I have a really impressed TV show for you. Even if you are not too much into computers, this series will certainly blow you away!


What is it about?
Elliot Alderson is a brilliant young man who works for a cyber security company and hacks people for fun during his time off. Suffering form social anxiety and clinical depression, he often has trouble getting along with, well, pretty much everyone. However, his life is turned upside down, when Elliot gets recruited by Mr. Robot, the leader of the hacktivist group fsociety…


Why should you check it out?
From the first episode on, I liked Elliot. This may sound a bit weird as he is antisocial as fuck, but for me he is a character I can relate with. Especially the sequences where we find out what he really thinks, in contrast to what he actually says, hit home with me.
Even if you can’t bond with Elliot, Mr. Robot has tons of amazing characters to offer, who are all relatable and show great development throughout the show.
But what fascinates me most about this show are the different storylines and how they all come together. Mr. Robot is so multidimensional, you get surprised in every episode. Especially the last two episodes will blow your mind! Everything seems so extremely well planned and each little detail is thought through. The show is absolutely thrilling, even if you’re not into computers, as many parallels can be drawn with what’s going on the real world.
Another upside of the show is the perfect soundtrack. It’s one of those few instances where was researching the soundtrack after each episode, as so many great songs are featured.

Mr. Robot is a fascinating show that doesn’t compare with anything that’s out there at the moment. Gripping, thrilling and somewhat real, one of my current favourites!


Did you already watch Mr. Robot? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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