Where to Stay in Portugal

Hello Folks!
Today I have one of my rarer post for you: it’s travel time!
I’ve spent my last two summers in Portugal and I’m usually planning my vacation around this time. So I’ve gathered my favourite places to stay, maybe it’ll give you some inspiration!


Watermark Surf House:
The first place I ever stayed at in Portugal was the Watermark Surf House. It’s located in Espinho, right next to the beach. The house itself is lovely, clean and the people are super friendly. You literally cross the street and you’re at the beach, so it was the perfect choice for surfing. The water is a little bit cold so far up north but the guys’ll hook you up with just the right wetsuit. They also give surf lesson, so you can tell, they really love what they do. (Check out this post for more information)
If you ever get boring of Espinho, you can easily get to Porto by train within half an hour. There’s tons of stuff to discover there!


Hostel Argonauta:
After we left Espinho last summer, we headed for Obidos. It’s sort of medieval town, still surrounded by the old walls. You can walk along the top around the entire town!
In this cosy little spot we found the cutest hostel ever. Argonauta is run by a very nice and helpful lady. She provided us with many tips what to do, where to eat, and how to get to places. She even sets up breakfast for you, getting you just what you want!


Peniche Hostel Backpackers:
We spent a day on the island Berlenga and unfortunately missed the last bus back to Obidos (although I still think the guy at the station was bullshitting us…), so we were stranded in  Peniche for one night. My anger was completely blown away the moment we found this wonderful hostel. The rooms are very pretty and the kitchen is not only big but also equipped for everything you could with for. There’s even a TV/game room with lots of board games and DVDs!


Carcavelos Surf Hostel:
This was our last stay. Carcavelos is about an hour from Lisbon, so it was the perfect place to stay. It’s great for surfing or simply spending a day at the beach. Furthermore, many interesting places (Sintra, Belem, Lisbon,…) are just a bus or train ride away, so we made a bunch of day trips while staying there. Carcavelos Surf Hostel was just the right end of our journey. The hostel has everything to offer you could wish for: TV, games, a Nintento Wii, guitar, Ping-Pong table, etc. The best thing: there’s even a pool!
We met many lovely people there, even a girl who happens to be studying Vienna as well, just around the corner from my place. It really is a small world!


Do you have any recommendations for Portugal? Let me know in the comments!

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