Movie Mania: Sons of Norway

Hey Guys!
Today I have a very special movie for you. Sons of Norway is a lovely coming of age film, powered by Hippies and Punk Rock.


The Plot:
1970. Rebellion is hard when you listen to punk rock but your parents are hippies driving around in a van with flowers. Still, Nikolaj has a strong bond with his loving and caring mother. But then his world is shattered when she dies after an accident.
Both Nikolaj and his father struggle both with the passing and with finally getting along better…


The Rating:
When I stumbled upon this little flick, I didn’t expect it to be so brilliant.
First of all, the actors are chosen extremely well. Each one of them gives a credible, authentic performance. It blends in perfectly with the setting. All of the costume and accessories are delightful. It’s like stepping through a time machine!
Furthermore, the atmosphere is completely with an amazing soundtrack. The finest punk rock had to offer in the 70s!
So, the story itself if really original. I’ve seen my share of coming of age films, but this one is special. (It reminded me a little of the Canadian production C.R.A.Z.Y.) Although the general tone is rather funny, there are some very dramatic and sad moments. Without using clichés, we get a touching and amusing film. You feel with the characters!

Sons of Norway is an impressive and well-made coming of age movie that stands out! 100% recommendation.


Did you see the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Movie Mania: Sons of Norway

  1. Yes, I love the film “Sons of Norway”, too. I just saw the movie just now. I was eager to learn more about the film and the moral.
    I tried to look on Wikipedia. Sadly, there were only two lines for the movie.
    I heard of Sex Pistle for a long time, and the film made me understand the fluence of the punk band.
    I was also wondering the aging lead vocalist of Sex Pistle showed up at the ending part of the film, talking about “Everything is shit. If you believe it’s true, everything is possible….” These lines is so profound, i will try to figure out the meaning.
    Anyway, I love punk music. Most of punk songs are with the beats and so danceable.
    Maybe the spirit of punk is a kind of rebelling illusion and releasing the unsatisfied with the institutions. I think the yelling and the chaos is good for the beings.


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