TV Show Spotlight: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Time for another TV Spotlight! Secret Diary of a Call Girl is based on a blog by Belle du Jour depicting her experiences as high-end call girl in London. The show with Billie Piper in the leading role ran for 4 season!


What is it about?
For 6 years Dr. Brooke Magnanti wrote a blog about her life as prostitute. She remained anonymous until 2009, operating under the pseudonym Belle du Jour.
Billie Piper slips into her role, showing us what it’s like to be a high-end call girl. We follow both her private and work life. Getting to see what happens behind closed doors with her clients but also the struggles in keeping up a regular relationship.


Why should you check it out?
Simply because it’s fascinating. Prostitution is always a taboo so it’s really interesting to get a look behind closed doors. What I like about the show is the honesty. There’s nothing dirty about it, it’s just her job. What does it feel like?
The real Belle du Jour wasn’t forced into doing this, it was her choice and she enjoyed it. That’s basically something you’re not allowed say, making it a really different take from what you usually get about the topic.
Billie Piper does a perfect job in the leading role. She is sassy, smart and funny giving a wonderful performance. Along with that we get many famous guest stars throughout the four seasons!

Secret Diary of a Call Girl is hell of a ride. It’s a different experience than your usual show touching a fascinating subject!

Did you watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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