Movie Mania: Kings of Summer

Hey Guys!
Time for another movie review! Kings of Summer was the summer movie of 2013. The indie coming of age drama had its premier at Sundance.


The Plot:
Three teenage boys decide to reached the highest stage of independence. They plan to build a house in the woods and live off the land…


The Rating:
Well, Kings of Summer was hailed as THE indie movie of 2013 and nothing but positive reviews came my way.
However, I’m not that impressed. First of all, the film is full of typical indie and coming of age clichés. After a rather interesting beginning it soon went down the road of ‘been there – done (or better: seen) that’ and really annoyed me from there on. I would have been prepared to overlook that if the film had been catching, exciting, thrilling or relatable. However, it’s none of that. The story was so irritating I felt my attention shifting several times and considered simply turning off the film. Not even the amazing list of actors featured in this film can save the rather weak and unoriginal plot.

If you really like typical coming of age movies, you’ll love this one. But for me it was nothing but a big cliché.

Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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5 thoughts on “Movie Mania: Kings of Summer

  1. Shame you didn’t care for this one. I think captures that teenage period when you rebel, and your family are embarrassing and controlling. The parents in this movie are so whiny, that they border on unrealistic, but they are quite amusing.


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