Book vs. Movie: American Pastoral

Hey folks!
After I made my way through Philip Roth’s award-winning novel, American Pastoral, I finally had the time to check the brand new star-packed adaptation!


The Plot:
Swede Levov has the kind of life everybody dreams about: a successful business, a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter. However, everything is about to fall to pieces when Merry, his beloved little girl does something nobody would have expected: She planted a bomb and killed a man. Swede begins to question every step he took in his life – where did it go wrong?


Book vs. Movie:
Those of you who follow my blog may have already read the review I wrote on the book. Well, I was less than happy with it. The plot seemed so promising, I was really excited to read the novel. However, I ended up wanting to throw it out of the window. Despite only 432 pages the book was beyond lengthy. Especially when Seymour goes into detail on glove-manufacturing (several times and at a great length!) I became really annoyed.
My main problem with American Pastoral was that the promising story isn’t really there. The whole book is simply Seymour wondering about where everything went wrong. All we do is follow his thoughts. So there isn’t really much going on plot-wise.
So when the movie came out I had my hopes up that we get some more action there. Many things are left out (thank god!) and it’s not that Seymour-centric. But still, there was no real depth. Despite an initial thought that could really pull you in, you are left with a somewhat pale movie that fails to make you feel for any of the characters. To be honest, it’s not the film’s fault, it was the same with the novel. Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Connelly try their best but not even they are able to save this very pale production.

Although both the book and the movie are not really worth checking out, the film is definitely less annoying than the novel!

Did you read the book? Watch the movie? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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