Top 3 Nicole Kidman Movies

Hey Guys!
Today’s post is dedicated to one of my favourite actresses. Nicole Kidman delivered many amazing movies throughout her career. Here are my favourites!


To Die For:
I guess most people haven’t even heard about this one. However, this comedy drama by Gus Van Sant is absolutely brilliant! Nicole Kidman plays a stone cold reporter who would stop at nothing to become famous. We even get to see a brilliant performance by Joaquin Phoenix. Simply great!


Moulin Rouge:
This heart-breaking, colorful musical has so much to offer. We get the finest list of actors, stunning visuals and a great soundtrack that makes you want to dance and sing along. Baz Luhrmann’s unique style gives us an incomparable musical. Nicole Kidman surprises us all with her great singing voice!


Cold Mountain:
Love stories are usually not my thing this epic war drama really got under my skin. Cold Mountain has so many different layers, it’s far more impressive than your usual chick flick. Renée Zellweger won an Academy Award for her performance, Jude Law broke my heart and Nicole Kidman gave me goosebumps!


What’s your favourite Nicole Kidman movie? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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9 thoughts on “Top 3 Nicole Kidman Movies

  1. I agree she’s memorable in To Die For. I was impressed by Kidman in The Others. Her early performances are quite underrated. Dead Calm is a thriller worth checking out, and she’s excellent in the mini-series Bangkok Hilton.

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