Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey Guys!
The wonderful Allie from Often off Topic nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award! I got super excited and guess what? Shortly after I got another nomination by Flickbox! However, both of them will be covered with this post, so there’s 22 questions for me to answer 😀
I feel super honored so let’s get started!


The Rules:

– Post the award on your blog
– Thank the person who nominated you
– Answer the 11 questions they set you
– Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)
– Give them 11 questions


Allie’s Questions:

1 – If you could add an Award category to the Oscars, what would you add?
I’ll go with most inspiring quote, as I always love an interesting line!

2 – Who is The Last Jedi?
For me, it’s Luke Skywalker as I only watched the old movies. I really need to catch up!

3 – Which Director should take over from Ben Affleck for The Batman?
Tough question! I can imagine Peter Jackson would make a very atmospheric film out of this stuff.

4 – I need a break from Oscar movies. What should I watch this weekend?
A Series of Unfortunate Events. I recently finished watching Netflix’ latest show and I’m in love!

5 – What’s your all time favourite book?
That’s impossible to answer. I adore the Harry Potter series, it’s basically the only thing I ever re-read. So, let’s just say Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

6 – If you were a talk show host, who would be your first guest?
Quentin Tarantino. His movies have fascinated me ever since I was teenager. There are so many different layers and influences to his work, I’m dying to find out more!

7 – What’s your least favourite movie genre?
Romance. I just can’t stand that whole love-story stuff.

8 – What movie are you embarrassed to admit you’ve never seen?
The Godfather. It’s such a classic but so far I just couldn’t find the time to check it out!

9 – Is Wonder Woman going to save the DC Cinematic Universe?
I hope so. But there is a solid chance it’ll turn out to be a movie with pretty girl in tight and revealing clothes with nothing else to offer. I really hope they come up with a good plot!

10 – Which actor/actress do you love enough to see them in anything and everything?
Well, Johnny Depp used to be one of my favourites and checked out even his bad films. But the last few things I saw were rather terrible – so I’m not too sure about him anymore…

11 – Which movie would you like to experience for the first time again?
Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is one of all time favourites and I watch it whenever I feel down. I’d love to see it again for the first time and lose my heart to Audrey Hepburn once more.


Flickbox’s Questions:

1 – What is your vision of you in the future ?
To be honest, I’m more of a live in the moment type and I don’t plan to far ahead. Things can change pretty quick and I have no idea what lies ahead so I just try not to expect to much and make the most of everything!

2 – What type of music do you like the most ?
Mostly rock. Everything from oldies to punk or grunge. It may come as a surprise to most but I also love classic music. Basically there are a few tunes from every genre that I really like!

3 – If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for ?
Tough question! I wish for health for my family as many member have struggled throughout the past. Furthermore, I’d wish for University to be interesting, that I learn many new things and find I nice job after I finish (I just started with my Master this semester). The last thing I wish for is to keep in touch with the friends I made in the last year and for my relationship to continue just as wonderfully as it is now.

4 – If you were in the situation of Neo in the Matrix, which pill would you choose, the blue or the red one ? Why ?
Definitely the red one. I’ve always been more curious than would have been good for me!

5 – Would you prefer to live in a terminator apocalypse or a zombie apocalypse ?
Well, I’ll go with zombies as I’m pretty fit and suspect that I might be able to outrun or beat them. Against a termiantor I wouldn’t last a minute.

6 – If you could wake up tomorrow in a body of someone else and live one day being him / her, who would you pick and what would you do ?
I think, I’ll go with Quentin Tarantino. His movies are just brilliant and I’d love to spent a day at one of his sets seeing a movie production through his eyes!

7 – If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, which would it be ?
Pizza! It never gets old, it always tastes like heaven and you can vary it by chosing different toppings!

8 – What is the question that you hate to answer the most ?
There’s not really a question I hate but I get a bit annoyed each time somebody asks whether my boyfriend and I are considering getting married of having children. I’m only 22 so that things are very far ahead in the future for me. Just because we’ve been together for some time now doesn’t mean that you immediately have to one of those things.

9 – If you could change one event in history, which would it be ?
Many terrible things happened throughout history and it’s simply impossible for me to pick just one. Maybe the Kennedy Assassination? I really wonder what America would look like now if JFK hadn’t been shot.

10 – Ugly and live forever or look attractive and die in a year ?
I’ve never cared about looks, so it’s an easy choice. I don’t care how pretty a person is, if there are no brains behind it, I get bored.

11 – What do you feel when you write ?
It feels like my thoughts just run through my fingertips into the keyboard and onto the screen. Writing has always been something natural for me, something that came easy.


My Picks:

1 – Elmo Knows it all
2 – Assholes Watching Movies
3 – Big City Bookworm
4 – Brin’s Book Blog
5 – Libro Liv
6 – Life and Other Disasters
7 – My Tiny Obsessions
8 – The Girl Who Read Too Much
9 – Where The Wild Things Are
10 – Eleanor May
11 – Eärendilly


My Questions:

1 – Is there an actor/actress dislike so much, you can’t watch a single movie with him/her in it?
2 – What’s your big goal for this year?
3 – What’s your best tip for dealing with stress?
4 – Let me know about your secret superhero power!
5 – Which film or TV show should get a remake?
6 – What’s the worst book you ever read?
7 – Your favourite quote?
8 – Insider tip: A book or movie most people don’t know about, that’s worth checking out?
9 – Why did you start blogging?
10 – What’s your favourite post you’ve ever written?
11 – Freebie: Tell me about something you really love!


Thanks again to Allie for nominating me!
My dear nominees, I can’t wait to read all your answers!

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