5 Great TV Shows with terrible Endings

Hey Guys!
Today it’s time for another list, because who doesn’t love a great list? 😉
Many amazing TV shows end absolutely terribly and it enrages me every time. I’m sure you all know the feeling when one of your favourites is absolutely ruined!


This one really made me angry. The show started out thrilling, smart and funny but from season 6 on it went downhill. To be honest every single episode seemed to annoy me but the final season was the worst. Every character suddenly did things very unlikely for them, the plot was weak. They should have stopped after season 5!


How I Met Your Mother:
I know many fans feel me when I say the season finale broke my heart. We spent so many season waiting to finally meet the mother. So when the last season actually covered only a few days, I was already irritated. I had hoped the mother would get some screen-time!
But hey, I thought at least the finale will be dashing. Well, I was wrong. The mother appeared for about 5 minutes and that was it. What happened afterwards was just a cheap way out, unoriginal and way to easy. Another point that annoyed me was the character development. While all of them had come so far within the last years, it all seemed blown away in the end. Everything was just like it was at the beginning. (However, there is an alternative fan ending, that’s way better!)


Mike and Molly:
This may not have been the best of shows to begin with but it was a cute idea and executed nicely. Some things were a bit cliché but I was prepared to overlook that. But the finale was so unoriginal it left me speechless. I can name at least two shows that have the exact same ending. So really, was there nothing else they could come up with? Super disappointing.


Two and a Half Men:
Well, this is another show that ran longer than it should have. After Charlie Sheen left, it was nothing but a desperate attempted to keep the money-making machine alive. There may have been a few nice moments with Ashton Kutcher but especially the character Alan was increasingly annoying up to a point where it made me want to punch my TV. The final episode kicked off rather promising but the return of Charlie was so cheap. The off-screen fight between him and the producer had obviously not been over yet. I guess they thought it’s funny to let it end like that but for me it was uninspired and childish.


While Scrubs itself is one of my comedy shows, season 9 left me at a loss of words. The original final season 8 was brilliant and the finale really touched my heart.
But when the show was brought back for another season taking place at a different location and featuring mostly new actors I was sceptical. the jokes turned out to be flat, the characters nothing but cheap copies of your original favourites. I’ll just try to forget that season ever happened.


Do you have a show to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!


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