Movie Mania: Martyrs (2008)

Hey Guys!
This is the first horror movie post in ages! To celebrate I have something very special for you: Martyrs. This French-Canadian is one of the most controversial films I’ve seen recently.


The Plot:
It’s simple: a secret philosophical society seeks to discover whether there is an afterlife and what is to come. They want to achieve that by creating martyrs. People are abducted, held prisoner and are tortured in order to get there…


The Rating:
This film isn’t easy to stomach. As you can guess from the plot, it’s tough and bloody story. There is some sort of side-plot that’s also very violent and gore-y. But that whole philosophical things really gets under your skin. It’s fascinating to invest some thoughts into the events and contemplate on whether something like that might be possible, how far people are willing to go.
Martyrs has many different layers adding to the intensity the film produces.
However, Martyrs is not only a film to divide audiences. You will be divided within yourself.

Martyrs is an interesting take on the genre and comes up with something rather unique. Fascinating but brutal and gore-y film, so think twice if you really want to check it out!

Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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