Book vs. Movie: Forrest Gump

Hello my lovely readers!
It’s time for another book vs. movie post. After I’ve seen the film numerous times, I figured it’s worth checking out Winston Groom’s novel which was the base for Robert Zemeckis adaptation.


The Plot:
Forrest Gump is an kind-hearted young man. Some people might call him slow-witted. Nevertheless he experiences many adventures and goes through life like no one else does…


Book vs. Movie:
Let’s start with the novel. Well, how do I begin. I’m not too fond of Winston Groom’s novel. First of all, his Forrest is not half as relatable and amiable as the movie version. Unfortunately many of the characters are rather pale and never get any depth until the last page. Additionally, lots of characters are introduced that weren’t necessary.
What really annoyed me is that the adventures Forrest goes through seems highly unlikely. I mean, even in the film the events are of course incredible but at least make more sense. In the novel it’s simply beyond anything I would willing to believe even under the very best circumstances.
Now, the movie. I’ve seen the it countless times and tune in every time it’s on television. The first praise goes out to Tom Hanks. He’s a remarkable actor but Forrest Gump is his best performance of them all. His Forrest is heart-warming, sweet and smart (against all odds). Simply far better than the book version. Although the movie begins similar, throughout the film the plot starts to differ a lot. As I mentioned before, I prefer the altered plot as it simply makes more sense. Due to the different story fewer characters are introduced and the ones that are featured get more color and story. Thus, they become relatable as well.

Summing up I have to say that the movie is far better than the book. I was excited to read Winston Groom’s novel but ended up disappointed. In the future I’ll stick with the film!


Did you watch the movie? Read the book? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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6 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: Forrest Gump

    • Yes! Together with an ape and a female astronaut. However, the crash-landed somewhere in the jungle and meet an indigenous tribe…
      At that point I really wanted to throw the book out the window.


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