TV Show Spotlight: The Crown

Hey guys!
Today I’ll present an amazing new TV show that completely blew me away. The Crown is one of Netflix’s amazing insider tips that are always worth checking out!


What is it about?
The Crown is a biographical drama that depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The first season covers events up to the year 1955. However, a total of six seasons is planned, taking the story until today.
We get so see her political decision but also her private life and struggles.


Why should you check it out?
I’ve been fascinated by Queen Elizabeth II ever since I was a child. But I’m certain even if you don’t really fancy her, you will enjoy this show. First of, the historical bits are amazing. The show is actually very accurate in depicting the real events, so you will end up learning something. I was so intrigued, I spend hours after each episode researching the stuff that was shown. Along with that many impressive personalities make an appearance. John Lithgow for example is just perfect as Winston Churchill. Another bit of praise goes out to the people responsible for the casting. When you feature real people you should always cast somebody who at least slightly resembles them. In The Crown not a single actor seems out of place. I looked up many old photos to see whether the styling and the actors match with the originals and I can only say it’s absolutely perfect.
Furthermore, it’s nice to get a bit of an insight in the private life of Queen Elizabeth II. After all, it has an impact on her decision, it shaped who she is. I learned a lot not only about history but also about her and many of the other personalities featured.
Honorable mention: Matt Smith as Prince Philip is absolutely divine. I’m 100% certain that no one else could have played the role like him. (The other actors are superb as well, but I adore Matt Smith ever since he was on Doctor Who)

Summing up I can only say, go and watch the show right now! It’s incredibly well made, fascinating and you will end up learning something about history!


Did you watch The Crown? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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