My Top 5 Classic Movies

Hey guys!
I just realized I haven’t done a post like this for ages! But hey, everybody loves a good list, don’t they? (At least I do 😉 )
There are so many amazing old movies out there, I had quite a hard time picking just five. Anyway, here are my favourite classic movies:


#5 Rebel Without a Cause:
This one just had to be on the list. In James Dean’s short but impressive career, this was certainly the most intense film. Whenever I watch this one, it seems like -to some extent- he’s playing himself in the role of the misunderstood and rebellious teenager.


#4 Mary Poppins:
I still have many treasured childhood memories with this one. The story of England’s best nanny is just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (yes I wrote that without having to look it up) It’s a cute and heart-warming film with many great songs. Certainly one of my favourite classics!


#3 Wizard of Oz:
As I’m talking about children’s films, I also need to mention the Wizard of Oz. I have to admit it was only two years ago that I first watched this one. While my initial thought was “What on earth were they smoking while making this film”, I ended up adoring every little detail about it. I even dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween.


#2 Rear Window:
No list of classic movies would ever be complete without an Alfred Hitchcock film. My favourite is Rear Window (although there are many great ones) as Grace Kelly is one of my favourite old-time actresses. This mystery thriller is just thrilling and Hitchcock proves once more that he really a master of his trade.


#1 Breakfast at Tiffany’s:
Undoubtedly and unchallenged. Breakfast at Tiffany’s will forever be my most treasured classic film. Holly Golightly’s story touches my heart every time and there’s something so very relatable about this character. Whenever it all seems awful, I watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it makes everything better.


What’s your favourite classic? Let me know in the comments!

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