Top 3 Claire Danes Movies

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another post to honor my favourite actresses!
Today’s shout out goes to Claire Danes, who delivered many great performances!


#3 – Stardust:
I already did an entire post on this film (click here). Claire Danes’ did a perfect job bringing the character Yvaine to life. I usually have second thoughts when a book gets turned into a movie. However, with Stardust I even liked the film better. Claire Danes’ star sparkles far brighter than the written one!


#2 – Princess Mononoke:
This is one of my favourite Animes ever and I’ve already watched it numerous times. To be honest, it wasn’t until years after my first encounter with it that I actually found out it’s Claire Danes who lends her voice to the main character. Princess Mononoke is a very atmospheric, thrilling and also rather dark tale!


#1 – Romeo + Juliet:
While I am usually not a fan of love stories, this film is one of my all-time favourites. Baz Luhrmann’s new take on Shakespeare’s tale is fresh, funky and colorful. The music is the finest the 90’s had to offer. Claire Danes excels as Juliet, reciting the original lines.


Honorable Mention:
It’s not a movie, but my favourite thing Claire Danes ever was in is definitely My So-Called Life. An amazing teen drama show  that only lasted one season but nevertheless left an impression. The only show that ever really understood what being a teenager is like.


What’s your favourite Claire Danes movie? Let me know in the comments!


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