TV Show Spotlight: Firefly

Hello Folks!
Today’s post is about one of those amazing shows that for some reason never lived to see a second season. There are only 14 episodes (and one movie, but more about that in another post) of Firefly but by now it’s reached 100% cult status.


What is it about?
I guess the best way to describe Firefly is as hell of ride. It’s a space western drama that follows the adventures of the Serenity (a Firefly space ship) and its crew. While they are operating on the darker side, making a living mostly with smuggling, things get spiced up when two new and mysterious guests join them on the ship…


Why should you check it out?
While I am not the biggest sci-fi fan, I enjoyed this show from first to last episode. It reminded me a bit of Doctor Who with a western touch, something like “The Doctor and High Noon in Outer Space”. As I’m reading what I just typed, I must admit it sounds super weird, but I promise Firefly is awesome. The characters are all fascinating and get a colorful history along with lots of depth. There is so much going on aboard this ship! And I just love how mysterious it all gets when Simon and River join the crew. I really wish we would have learned more about what happened to her!
Besides a formidable cast and a fascinating plot, Firefly has even more to offer: The special effects are first-rate and look rather realistic. (Some show just annoy me by looking very fake) Mixed with a perfect soundtrack (I could listen to the main theme for hours on end) we get a show that really should have had more time unfold!


Did you watch Firefly? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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