Movie Mania: An Adventure in Space and Time

Hey guys!
I’m sure you all have heard of the rather famous BBC show Doctor Who. The first season aired in 1964 and while doing some research on the lost episodes I stumbled upon today’s movie. An Adventure in Space and Time tells the tale how Doctor Who made his way to the screen!


The Plot:
The film actually kicks off with William Hartnell looking back on his time as the very first Doctor. We see how the show was created, what an impact it had on the audience. But they also picture Hartnell’ health declining and other problems arising…


The Rating:
Even if you are not the biggest Doctor Who fan on this planet, I can promise that you’ll enjoy this film.
First of all, it’s fascinating to see such a piece of history documented. As I take it, the movie sticks very close to the actual events. After I also checked out some of the early Doctor Who episodes it’s even more impressing to see how much alike everything is.
Not only are the setting, the music and the costumes absolutely perfect, the choice of actors is also first rate. I am even fond of David Bradley playing the main role. You may know him as Walder Frey from Game of Thrones or Argus Filch from Harry Potter. So, he’s usually not your most beloved role but in this film he’s just heart-warming. I didn’t expect to actually like Bradley in any of his role but here I really felt with him (or better said with William Hartnell).

Summing up, this film gives us an insight in BBC’s history and is even enjoyable for those of you who don’t fancy the series too much.
Must see!


Did you watch this film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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