Book vs. Movie: Room

Hey Guys!
Today I have something really dark, yet fascinating for you. In 2010 Emma Donoghue’ novel Room was published. The story is based on the real Fritzl case and was turned into a movie in 2015.


The Plot:
5-year-old Jack lives in Room. He shares the little space with his mother. What the boy doesn’t realize is that Room isn’t the entire world. But it’s all he has ever seen. Years ago his mother was abducted and is still held hostage by a man named Nick. Jack’s whole life was spent in captivity…


Book vs. Movie:
Let’s kick off with the novel. Even the fact that this book exists gives me goosebumps. I guess it’s because I life in Austria, the land where the terrible and terrifying Fritzl case happened. So, when I began reading I had mixed feelings.
However, it is absolutely compelling. They way Donoghue describes the situation really paints a picture in your head. Whatever it is she talks about it all seems very thought through and therefore realistic.
The novel is thrilling and I can guarantee that you won’t be able to stop reading.
There is one negative aspect I have to throw in: The story is told from Jack’s point of view. At first it’s interesting to experience this little shift. A 5-year-old sees the world differently than you or me. But after some time it does get annoying.
Now the movie: I always try not to expect to much when a good book makes its way to the screen but this one really blew me away. Brie Larson gives a haunting performance and Jacob Tremblay (who plays Jack) is intense.
The biggest change is certainly that the movie is not in Jack’s perspective but for me that actually a plus point. Of course some thing are not displayed at such length as they are in the novel but in this case the film still works out perfectly.

My verdict is that both book and movie are fascinating, haunting and guaranteed to give you goosebumps. One of the best things I checked out in 2016.


Did you read the book? Watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

8 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: Room

  1. glad you enjoyed this one!
    oh, didn’t realise there was a novel, good to know! I agree, the movie was terrific. I love how the ‘rescue’ is not the happy ending, and I loved how the also focussed on how the mother’s dealing with the situation.

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