TV Show Spotlight: Black Mirror

Hello my lovely readers!
Well, Black Mirror is another one of those amazing shows I was super late to check out. However, after episode one I was hooked! So let’s see what Back Mirror is about!


What is it about?
This question is not that easy to answer. Each episode has a different theme and tells a different story. They are loosely connected by the fact that technology  plays an integral part. Furthermore, there’s always a rather dark aspect to every episode that will make you question some stuff…


Why should you check it out?
What I learned to appreciate about Black Mirror is the wide-spread list of themes. The compelling thing is that all the episode are somewhat close to reality. Although everything is of course made up you still get goosebumps. It all might be true at some point in the (not to far away) future. Super intense!
So, each episode has a different set of actors. I have to say all of them are superb. They definitely gathered Britain’s finest lot of actors! There’s even some pretty famous names among them, but even those who might not be that famous yet definitely made a lasting impression on me.

Black Mirror is a fascinating show that will make you question your life and developments in our world. I always love it when a show or a film doesn’t just entertain me but also makes me think. Black Mirror accomplishes both!


Did you watch Black Mirror? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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