Movie Mania: Bubba Ho-Tep

Hey guys!
I don’t know why but I neglected writing this review for ages. Shame on me! So, today I have the honor to present to you one of Bruce Campbell finest movies!


The Plot:
An elderly man living in a retirement home claims to be Elvis, the guy who died in 1977 was in an impersonator. His only friend is Jack, an elderly man black man who thinks he is JFK. Anyway, the real action starts when the two have to team up in order to fight a re-animated ancient mummy…


The Rating:
Sound crazy? Hell yes it does! Just like every other Bruce Campbell film I’ve seen so far, this one comes along with a rather weird and unbelievable story. However, – I’m sure you guessed it by now – it’s also completely hilarious.
I just love the fact that Bruce Campbell does not only return but also allows his older age to be part of the fun. He did many great movies in the past and this one is certainly no exception.
It’s difficult to describe this film as there is nothing quite like it to compare it with. I can only say the plot is hilarious, Bruce Campbell’s performance is divine (as always) and the soundtrack is also first-rate.
By the way, my day was made when I found out there is a TV show sequel to Evil Dead featuring Bruce in his most famous role as Ash. So, if you enjoy this film, you should certainly check out the show as well!

You’re looking for a great comedy that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before? You enjoy stuff like Army of Darkness and Evil Dead?
Well, what are you waiting for, go and watch Bubba Ho-Tep right now!


Seen the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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